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We do Vastu Correction without demolition

What is Vastu: It is a systematic and scientific study of a place of living or office/shop or factory or godown or any other type of building.

It is a science to harmonise the five elements of life I,e. Jal, Vayu, Agni ,Prithvi and Aakash. It deals with the flow of cosmic energy. We convert negative energy into positive. It is good to have a square or a rectangular plot. Triangular plot should be avoided.

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As shown in the compass, the directions are as follows:

  • North: Ruled by Kuber for richness. Good for puja room, guest room, children’s room. Bad for toilets, store, master bedroom and overhead water tank.
  • North East: Ruled by Lord Shiva. Good for boring, study room, underground water tank. Bad for pooja room, guest room, children’s room. Bad for toilets, store , master bedroom and overhead water tank.
  • East: Ruled by Lord Indra. Good and bad same as north east.
  • South East: It represents Agni or fire. Good for kitchen, electrical items, guest room, stairs, toilets. Bad for puja room, underground water tank and other water elements.
  • South: Ruled by Demons. Good for kitchen, overhead water tank, heavy storage, bedroom. Bad for Pooja room, boring , underground water tank.
  • South West: Good for master bedroom, stairs, overhead water tank and storage. Bad for pooja room, boring, underground water tank, children’s room and guest room.
  • West: Good for stairs, dining room and overhead water tank.
  • North West: Ruled by Lord of wind. Good for sale counter, display, living room, guest room, stairs, dispatch. Bad for cash, jewellery and other monetary items.
  • Centre: It represents Brahma Sthan. It should be left vacant. Prohibited for toilets, store room, bed room, pillars, swimming pool or any other depression.